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China and WFP sign food aid cooperation agreement

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Luo Zhaohui, director of China's national agency for international development cooperation, met with Bisley, executive director of the world food programme, and signed agreements on providing food aid to Congo (Brazzaville) and other countries.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a positive contribution to the new situation of the outbreak of the pneumonia and the response to the food crisis, Luo Zhaohui said. Last year, when the middle school was facing the impact of the epidemic, WFP provided anti epidemic support to China, for which China expressed its gratitude. At present, the virus has mutated, the epidemic is still developing, the world economy is recovering hard, and developing countries are facing greater difficulties. In particular, commodity prices fluctuate, food prices rise, and people in some developing countries face hunger. Adhering to the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind and the humanitarian spirit, the Chinese government has cooperated with WFP to provide some food aid to relevant countries and achieved positive results. China is willing to further strengthen practical cooperation and personnel exchanges with WFP to jointly promote the achievement of the 2030 sustainable development goals.

Bisley expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government for its long-term support to the WFP. Greece and the United States will conduct more in-depth and extensive cooperation in the field of international development cooperation, give full play to the advantages of the WFP in the field of food aid and logistics, and help other developing countries cope with the epidemic and improve food security.

China's government will use the South South cooperation assistance fund to work with the food programme to support the food safety crisis in Congo, Benin and Liberia in response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic and natural disasters, according to the cooperation agreement signed by the two sides.

Source: China Agricultural Information Network


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