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CT Pharma Uses FDA Approval to Provide Marijuana for Yale Research

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA authorized Connecticut-based CT Pharma to grow marijuana in 2019 for a study at Yale University.CT Pharma was one of four companies in the state to receive a license to grow medical marijuana, making headlines in 2019.CT Pharma is working with Yale University School of Medicine on a study to explore the cannabis-derived tablets for the treatment of stress and pain. the COVID-19 pandemic significantly delayed the study, but has completed phase one and is now recruiting for phase two. "The reality is that the FDA is open and the days of taking more than 20 years to approve a drug are gone," said Ferrarese, president of CT Pharma, "and I think the FDA wants to approve better drugs faster. the FDA is more interested in CT Pharma's compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice standards - particularly its cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, packaging and other processes. the FDA wants to see cultivation lot records, cleaning logs and facility layouts, and also requires microbiology, potency and stability results."

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