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Bangladesh's tea production will increase this year

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According to the report of Bangladesh's Daily Star on October 31, people in Bangladesh said that due to the good weather in Bangladesh this year, if the tea production continues to maintain the current speed, the tea production in Bangladesh will be higher than that in the previous quarter. Jahar Tarafder, member Secretary of the association of tea growers and traders in Bangladesh, said that about 3.2 million kg to 3.5 million kg of tea were sold at auctions in various parts of Bangladesh. Sales of COVID-19, Bangladesh and auctioneer declined by about 60% to 70%, but now they have averaged over 70% of their previous sales. Bangladesh has about 167 tea gardens and is the ninth largest tea producer in the world. 

According to the data of Mengzi tea Commission, about 12.7 million kilograms of tea were planted in Mengzi in September, compared with 12.2 million kilograms in the same period last year. Meng tea garden owners hope that the good weather in this season can continue. There is light rain almost every other day in October, creating good conditions for tea growth. As of September, the output of Meng tea was about 64.8 million kg, compared with 57.5 million kg in the same period in 2020. It is expected that by the end of December, the output of Meng tea will reach a new record of 100 million kg. In the auction held two months apart, the average price per kilogram of tea in Bangladesh was about 200 Taka. The reopening of Meng school has increased the demand for tea to a certain extent.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the people's Republic of Bangladesh


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