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Advantages of Hydroponic Growing of Medical Marijuana

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Which is better for your crop, a hydroponic growing system for medical marijuana or soil cultivation? First of all, hydroponics offers greater advantages than soil-based methods, especially for larger grows. With hydroponic cultivation systems, yields are higher and growth rates are faster. The 3 main advantages of hydroponics over soil cultivation are:

1. elimination of soil requirements.

2. improved control of hydration levels (reduced risk of plants drying out or drowning).

3. no need to replant plants.

Those with limited normal space should consider hydroponics even more. Growing cannabis in a hydroponic system is the preferable option for commercial operations. For entrepreneurs who are considering entering the commercial medical marijuana industry then. The deal is expected to be worth up to $66.3 billion by 2025. Using automated hydroponic growing methods is a sizable investment that will ensure your operation remains competitive in the future.

For greenhouse businesses, maximizing plant growth and operational efficiency is critical to profitability. Hydroponic growing systems maximize the growth and efficiency of each plant while keeping pace with nutrient levels, irrigation and other factors that can be controlled and monitored by computerized automation. This is not to say that there are no advantages to soil cultivation. Lower start-up costs are a huge advantage of growing crops in soil. But after the initial investment in equipment, the profitability and efficiency of soilless indoor hydroponic operations will more than make up for their investment. The biggest disadvantage of soil cultivation is that it brings many bug and pest complications that can wreak havoc on the quality control of cannabis.

Cannabis plants don't need soil to grow, but they definitely need a growth medium. If you're looking for a simple and affordable medium to grow your plants, edible clay pellets are available. The benefits include a low risk of hydration and the fact that they can be consumed indefinitely. Another affordable substrate is rockwool. Unlike clay pellets, rockwool retains water very well. This means that water and nutrients will hold up well in rockwool, but it can also cause plants to drown if not monitored properly. Wet conditions can be a haven for a variety of fungi and cause airflow problems around plant roots. Therefore, rockwool may be suitable for experienced growers. Coconut fiber is another excellent substrate and to some extent preferable to rockwool. Due to the antimicrobial properties of coconut fiber, there is a lower risk of fungal or mold growth compared to rockwool. Similar to rockwool, coconut fiber also retains more water and nutrients, so there is the risk of over-saturated nutrient solutions overwhelming hydroponic cannabis plants.


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