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4 Ways LED Plant Lights Improve Indoor Cannabis Yield

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Almost all indoor marijuana cultivators hope to achieve higher yields with less money, time, and effort. If you are still unsure how to increase indoor marijuana yield or haven't taken any measures, consider this your last chance. I will introduce four simple methods using LED plant lights to enhance indoor marijuana yield. These four techniques and strategies will help increase your indoor marijuana yield.

  1. Increase LED Plant Light Intensity

One of the most crucial things to do from the beginning is to ensure your marijuana receives sufficient light. During the vegetative stage, marijuana plants that do not receive enough light tend to "stretch" towards the light, resulting in many stems between nodes and leaves. Therefore, providing sufficient light intensity is essential to prevent young marijuana plants from stretching or growing too tall and falling over.

You can take any measures to help shine more intense light on the buds when your marijuana plants start to sprout, often increasing your yield. Using LED plant lights for supplemental lighting, choosing fixtures with higher power, or reducing the distance between LED lights and marijuana plants maximizes light intensity for supplementary lighting.

When your marijuana reaches the maximum light supplement, there are still tricks to further increase yield. You can increase the level of carbon dioxide in the growing room during the flowering stage, allowing your marijuana to use more light and further increase bud yield.

Enhance Uniformity of LED Plant Light

The uniformity of LED plant light promotes better bud growth, ultimately increasing the yield of indoor marijuana cultivation. So, how does LED plant light enhance light uniformity?

  • Distribution of LED Plant Light Chips: Based on the characteristics of supplementing marijuana plants with LED plant lights, the distribution of chips is calculated after determining the light ratio of the LED plant light. The chips are then distributed on the lamp packaging and COB panel according to a certain pattern, ensuring the uniform distribution of light quality and intensity in the main area of LED plant light.

  • Installation Height and Distance Distribution of LED Plant Light: The arrangement of the distance between each LED plant light is mainly determined by light intensity. Additionally, the installation height of LED marijuana lights is considered. After comprehensive calculation, the distance distribution between each LED plant light is determined to ensure uniform light distribution for large-scale marijuana cultivation.

  • Physical Reaction with Optical Equipment: In a situation with uniform lighting, LED plant lights can achieve efficient light utilization using the physical principles of light reflection and refraction. Reflectors and the metal substrate used in COB contribute to efficient light usage. The reflector reflects light emitted by the light source into a beam, increasing local light intensity. The reflective effect of the metal substrate is also to maximize the light emitted by the LED plant light for plant utilization.

Regulate Light Cycle and Spectrum of LED Plant Light

If marijuana is grown outdoors, it is not influenced by human factors. However, in the indoor cultivation environment using LED plant lights, we can control the light cycle of marijuana by adjusting the spectrum of LED plant lights. To achieve the best yield, density, and bud size, the correct spectrum of LED plant lights should be used during the flowering stage of marijuana. Different wavelengths of red light during the flowering stage affect the formation and yield of marijuana buds. Red light under LED plant lights increases the chlorophyll content in the plant, promotes vigorous photosynthesis, and synthesizes carbohydrates, providing abundant substances and energy for plant growth. Therefore, red light promotes the formation of chlorophyll in plants, promotes nitrogen metabolism in stem sections, and has a significant promoting effect on flowering and fruiting.

Control Temperature with LED Plant Light

A good growth environment is crucial for the health of plants and the ultimate efficacy and yield. When the temperature (and to a lesser extent, humidity) is too high or too low for your plants, they will not grow normally, and buds will not become plump.

Excessive temperature during the late flowering period can also burn off cannabinoids and terpenes, reducing the aroma of the buds. By controlling temperature and humidity, you can actually increase the aroma and efficacy of buds during harvesting.

The light source of LED plant lights is a type of cool light source, and LED plant lights do not generate much heat during operation. Crucially, in indoor cultivation spaces, LED plant lights can play a role in temperature control.

Finally, the harvesting time of marijuana is essential. In the last two weeks before reaching the peak of maturity, marijuana buds significantly increase in weight. When most of the white hairs on the buds turn black and curl, it's time to harvest marijuana. For experienced cultivators, using a magnifying glass to examine the shining trichomes on the buds to ensure the right time for harvest is not uncommon.

Adjusting light intensity, light uniformity, and temperature control with LED plant lights provides optimal supplemental lighting for marijuana cultivation, ultimately increasing marijuana yield. However, it's essential to pay attention to the harvesting time. With the increasing legalization of marijuana in more countries, the market for LED plant lights is expanding, and the future looks promising.


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