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2021 Slovenia grape planting output

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According to the Slovenia news agency Ljubljana on November 9, according to the data released by the Slovenian National Bureau of statistics, Slovenian vineyard owners are expected to harvest 83223 tons of grapes in about 15000 hectares of vineyards in 2021. The yield of red grapes is 22% lower than that in 2020, while the yield of white grapes is 16% lower than that in 2020.

The Bureau of Statistics said before Martin's festival on November 11 that 28481 growers were engaged in grape cultivation this year. This year, an average of 1227 vines were planted in each vineyard in Slovenia, including 70% white grapes and 30% red grapes. In white grape varieties, La š Ko Riesling is dominant in red grape varieties, Refošk is dominant.

Source: Slovenian News Agency