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  • Mobile Vertical Grow Systems

    Given the increasingly high value of space and time, Mobile Vertical Grow Systems (racks) optimize indoor farming and growing facilities to make the most use of space, return a high yield harvest, ensure employee safety, and streamline processes. Every aisle is a missed opportunity to grow more. Our Vertical Mobile Racking Systems can exponentially increase your space by allowing growing racks to slide together on galvanized aluminum tracks mounted on top of existing concrete floors. This way you take full advantage of your controlled environment's square footage and vertical space.

  • Belarus's agricultural exports to China increased by 50% in the first half of the year

    Interfax news agency, September 3 - according to the data of the Ministry of agriculture and food of Belarus, the export volume of agricultural products from Belarus to China in the first half of this year was US $156 million, a year-on-year increase of 50%.

  • Russia is formulating a strategy for exporting agricultural products to African countries

    According to the United Nations report in 2019, many people in Africa are still short of food, more than any other region. About 20% of the residents in Africa and more than 250 million people are short of food for a long time.

  • The EU remains the largest food exporter

    Bulgaria's reported on September 9 that according to the latest research report, in 2020, the EU's leading position in the world's largest food exporter will rise again. In terms of imports, the EU has become the third largest importer after the United States and China.

  • Brazil's soybean export is expected to hit another record in 2022

    Brazil's agricultural channel reported on August 11 that the Brazilian vegetable oil industry association (abiove) estimated that Brazil's soybean output would be 137.5 million tons from 2020 to 2021.

  • Turkmenistan starts winter wheat sowing

    Turkmenistan's state news agency reported on September 3 that Turkmenistan started winter wheat sowing on September 3. This year, the planting area of native winter wheat will reach 690000 hectares.

  • In 2020, at least 150 million people in the world will face severe food insecurity

    A novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in 2020 was reported worldwide at the press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council in September 7th. Since 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has spread worldwide.

  • Vietnam's agriculture ushers in a new outlet

    The main task of the forum is to update trade promotion information, connect the supply and demand of agricultural products and agricultural materials, and eliminate difficulties in the production sales chain.

  • NASS adjusted grain planting area this month

    The National Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (NASS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced this week that it may adjust the planting area of U.S. corn and soybean this month.

  • Tajikistan reduces imports of wheat and flour

    At present, about 90% of the domestic flour demand in Tajikistan depends on domestic production (processing). Since the beginning of this year, Tajikistan has produced 795000 tons of wheat.

  • U.S grain exports hit hard by super hurricane

    Recently, category IV hurricane IDA hit the United States, bringing great disaster!On August 29, category IV hurricane "IDA" landed in Louisiana, bringing a strong wind with a speed of 240km / h. The waves soared to 4.8m high, and a large area of mountain torrents erupted.

  • CEC lowered its corn yield forecast for South Africa

    News on August 31: on Monday, the South African crop forecasting Commission (CEC) released its seventh forecast of grain yield and sowing area in 2021.

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