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Mobile Hemp Drying Rack

Hemp drying rack removes excess water from the hemp plant, solidifies the hemp, prevents the hemp from mildew, kills harmful bacteria, retains cannabinoids and terpenes as much as possible, and reduces the chlorophyll content in the plant. The drying process should be gradual. Rapid air drying and long drying time are not recommended.

Hot galvanized steel hanging racks provide a flexible solution for commercial grows. In addition to our standard size we offer the optional customization of rack dimensions and hanging points to ensure commercial growers can access their ideal handling solution.


Name hemp drying racks
Size 85x36x85inch/2135x915x2135mm (L,W,H) or customized
Weight 160kg
Load capacity 300kg
Material Hot galvanized steel frame, PVC board
Parts Rack, board, hook, wheels, supports,etc
Package Wooden carton
MOQ 24 units (20ft container)
Lead time 10-30 days


  1. Adjustable hanging levels for maximum drying capacity;

  2. Three-Five horizontal members available per rack;

  3. Stainless steel solid bottom accumulation pan;

  4. Custom spacing available on hanging rods to maximize product;

  5. Easy to adjust height and sanitize.





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